Suggested Tours:

Half day Tours:

Natural Reserve “Il Vinchetto” + Basilica San Vittore XI century church

Feltre surrounded by its imposing medieval walls + Civic Museum + Galleria Rizzarda + Senna Theatre + shopping in the lovely shops in town. (Market days: Tuesday and Friday)

Monte Avena, a 25 min drive to the “top of the world”, experience the feeling of 360° views across the Dolomite peaks and valleys + picnic + Birreria Pedavena, worth a stop for the locally brewed Pedavena beer and delicious food.

Full-day Tours:

Venice – trains depart from Feltre station every day, or just over 1h’s drive from us.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, the pearl of the Dolomites is just 100 km from Villa Rosa.

Monte Grappa, on clear days it’s possible to see the sea beyond Venice + Bassano del Grappa (home of the Grappa liquor, visit the Grappa distillery, the famous I World War bridge on the Piave River, pottery shops and museum)

The Prosecco Road: in just 20min’s drive from Feltre you reach Valdobiadene, home of sparkling Prosecco and Cartizze wines (visit to the cellars with guided tours and free wine taste), + continue along the Prosecco road to Follina (visit the XI cent. Abbey) + Cison di Val Marino (visit Castel Brando, you reach the castel perched on a hilltop via a glass lift, guited tours in all languages available).

Possagno, birthplace of Canova, visit the Canova Temple + Bassano del Grappa + Asolo, the charming medieval village perched on a hillside, climb to the “rocca”, the old keep.

Tour in the Dolomites: through Val del Mis, visit the natural pools, the waterfall and the huge artificial lake + drive through the narrow gorges of the Sun Mountain to Gosalto + Fiera di Primiero + Sovramonte/Monte Avena and back to Feltre.