National Park of the Dolomites - Almost a third of Italy’s natural heritage, a rich fauna and flora makes the park a unique area in the Dolomites. This imposing mountain range is 70% part of the Belluno province. Time has shaped a breathtaking variety of landscapes: meadows, plateaus, slopes, peaks, waterfalls, lakes, caves and hills. Of particular interests are Val Canzoi and Val del Mis with its natural pools. for walking, hiking, picnic enthusiasts or just to admire the views. Guided tours also available with expert guides. (20/40 min)


Natural Park of the Oliero Caves – There are four stunning caves that you can visit along the shores of the Brenta River. Take the boat through the “Grotta Parolini” to see the underground caverns and lake 60m deep. (40 min)

Natural Reserve “Il Vinchetto” – Nature trails surrounded by wetlands internationally recognized by the Ramsar Convention. Get close to the local fauna of roe, red and fallow deer and walk along the 4km paths to appreciate the acquatic life. The horse riding centre organizes courses and hacks in the reserve. (10 min)

There are numerous other places to visit in the Dolomites to fully appreciate the great beauty this part of Italy has to offer. Some explamples are Cadore, Zoldo, Civetta, Cristallo.

Mountain Lakes

Santa Croce Lake – Surrounded by high peaks this natural lake near Belluno is a stop for many migratory birds in spring and autumn. The winds make it ideal for windsurfing. Monte Dolada overlooks this splendid lake, ideal spot for paragliding and hang-gliding enstusiasts.

Santa Croce lake
Caldonazzo Lake – This splendid lake near Levico Terme offers a choice of private and public beaches, sailing, windsurf, canoe and leisurely walks on the promenade. In the surrounding mountains, in Vetriolo, you can visit the highest altitude Spa in Europe. (50 min)